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Need Help Joining a Meeting?

  • Make sure your computer is ready
    Perform an Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test to make sure that your computer and web browser can run a web meeting with Adobe Connect. Use this page to install the Adobe Connect Add-In.

  • Audio Quality
    For better audio quality, we encourage participants to utilize a microphone/headset connected to her/his computer, rather than using a telephone. If needed, each meeting room does have the option to dial you at a phone number of your choice.

  • Enabling Flash in Your Browser
    The Adobe Flash Player launches the Adobe Connect Add-In. This tool from Adobe allows you to see if Flash Player is installed on your computer and how to enable it in your web browser.

  • Need Help During a Meeting?
    Call: (815)-753-1385

  • Need General Help?

    Call: (815)-753-1385

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